At WBHO, we follow a culture of safety, quality and reliability. The driving force behind WBHO is a core of dedicated, hands-on management professionals whose experience spans decades of major construction projects across Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our activities cover the full construction spectrum and are divided into three main operating divisions – Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Roads and Earthworks.

WBHO’s offices are strategically located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth in South Africa and Gaborone, Accra and Maputo in Botswana, Ghana and Mozambique respectively.

In the UK, the Byrne Group is based in London, while Russell-WBHO operates from Manchester.

Why WBHO is your first choice construction partner.
  • Our strong culture of professionalism and respect
  • Our responsive senior management who have extensive industry experience
  • Our conservative approach to risk-taking outside of established construction standards
  • Our capability to pursue opportunities across numerous geographies
  • Our broad technical and sector specialisation
  • Our ability to consistently execute and deliver both small and large-scale projects

Rated The Most Empowered Company on the JSE in 2019, we pride ourselves on being a company that strives to empower as many stakeholders as possible throughout the construction value chain.




Leaving a lasting legacy along our roads and through our buildings

To be the leading construction company wherever WBHO operates, always striving to be “a pleasure to do business with” by delivering quality solutions in a professional and collaborative manner, every time. WBHO is adaptable enough to “go where the work is”, even when conditions are challenging, without compromising its standards. The group navigates competitive market conditions by being flexible and hard-working, focusing on nurturing strong client relationships by being approachable and dependable. We stand firmly behind our motto of “Rely On Our Ability”.




“Whatever good things we build, end up building us.” Jim Rohn

In 1970 John Wilson and Brian Holmes formed a construction company known as Wilson-Holmes (Pty) Ltd. A number of mergers and many projects later the name changed to Wilson Bayly Holmes (Pty) Ltd and finally in 1996 became WBHO Construction.

Today we are one of the largest construction companies in Southern Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

In 2017, WBHO entered the UK construction market following the acquisition of an interest in the Byrne Group from the Byrne family which subsequently increased to a majority shareholding in 2018. The Byrne Group delivers construction services through its two subsidiaries; Byrne Bros and Ellmer Construction.

In 2018, WBHO expanded its footprint in the UK into the northern regions through the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Russell Construction. Russell-WBHO, as the business is now known, is a Manchester-based building contractor that continues to be managed by the founding brothers Gareth and Andrew Russell.


At WBHO, we forge partnerships that go the distance. Our subsidiaries and associates practice the very same culture of quality and safety that is so important to us.

byrne bros

Byrne Bros. is one of the UK’s premier concrete frame contractors with over 50 years’ experience in the construction of concrete sub and superstructures. Byrne Bros. operates within the commercial, residential, retail, aviation, stadia, transport infrastructure and scientific sectors for both public and private clients. The company applies innovative uses of technology to provide engineering solutions for complex sub and superstructure packages.


Ellmer Construction delivers high quality new-build, refurbishment and fit-out contracts within the commercial, hotels, leisure & hospitality, light industrial, residential and retail sectors. Clients include commercial property companies, investors, hotel operators, renowned retailers, residential developers and estate owners such as The Crown, Grosvenor and Cadogan.


O’Keefe are a leading civil engineering business specialising in demolition, enabling works, soil remediation and groundworks construction services to public, private and residential customers.

With over 50 experience in the industry, O’Keefe have grown to become an integrated engineering business.

Russell Group WBHO

Russell WBHO is a comprehensive, full service main contractor. It operates across all sectors and provides expert advice on land acquisition, as well as consulting on design, through to the construction phase and completion of the project. The company has a portfolio of clients spanning the commercial, industrial, logistics, manufacturing, retail, leisure, residential, hotel, healthcare and student accommodation sectors.


Roadspan (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 and is a leading roads surfacing, and rehabilitation contractor as well as an asphalt supplier in South Africa. The company has centrally located static plants and mobile plants which can be moved to any region as needed. The Johannesburg-based head office includes a laboratory that is equipped with all the necessary equipment to test aggregates and do asphalt mix designs.


Kalcon (Pty) Ltd is a Botswana registered company based in Gaborone, active mainly in the disciplines of roads and earthworks, infrastructure and civil engineering. Kalcon is in a position to call on resources and expertise from the WBHO group as required for specific projects.


Reinforcing & Mesh Solutions has grown to become a market leader since its inception in 2002 and is one of the largest suppliers of reinforcing steel and welded mesh in the Southern African region.


VSL Construction Solutions uses the world renowned VSL systems and components for its post-tensioning, retained earth and heavy lifting works. With a local team of specialized engineers and experts, combined with readily available international expertise, VSL Construction Solutions carry out complex and innovative engineering projects throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

ikusasa rail

iKusasa Rail  is an industry leader in rail track construction, rehabilitation, electrification and maintenance. iKusasa Rail has been in the rail track infrastructure business for over 60 years. Target entities are mines, private siding owners, state-owned companies (SOCs) and rail and port authorities as well as local and international entities responsible for building and maintaining rail transport infrastructure. The business has recently extended its service offerings to include the supply of certain perway and OHTE materials as well as offering mechanised maintenance solutions with specialist on track equipment. The iKusasa Rail group is currently contracting in South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana and is targeting various opportunities throughout the rest of Africa.


The Gigajoule Group invests in, develops and operates clean energy projects. It employs a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the design, construction, operations and management of natural gas systems.



  • 1st Overall in 2023 for Diamond Arrow Award
  • 1st Overall in 2022 for Diamond Arrow Award
  • 1st Overall in 2021 for Diamond Arrow Award
  • 1st Overall in 2020 for Diamond Arrow Award
  • 1st Overall in 2019 for Diamond Arrow Award
  • 1st Overall in 2018 for Diamond Arrow Award


  • 1st place R750m plus Category in 2022 for Oceans Umhlanga Retail
  • 1st place in 2022 Health Facilities Category for Netcare Parklands Emergency Department
  • 1st place in 2022 Industrial Category for Northfield Massmart
  • 1st place in 2022 Commercial/Industrial Category for Makro Springfield
  • 1st place Apartment/Town House Category in 2022 for Ridge Town Central
  • 1st place Category 1 in 2022 for PNP Distribution Centre
  • 1st place Category I in 2022 for PNP Distribution Centre
  • 1st place Category G in 2022 for Boardwalk Shopping Centre
  • 1st place Category C in 2022 for Pearson High School
  • 1st place Category F in 2021 for CDC Seraphim
  • 1st place Category E in 2021 for Aspen Laboratory Expansion
  • 1st place Category D in 2021 for Elidz Automould
  • 1st place Category H in 2021 for Oceans Hotel & Apartments KZN
  • 2nd place Category A in 2021 for Plant Yard Cape Town
  • 2nd place Category B2 in 2021 for Signage Manufacturing Johannesburg
  • 2nd place Category H in 2021 for Biomed Research Facility Cape Town
  • 2nd place Category I in 2021 for Oceans Retail KZN
  • 3rd place Category I in 2021 for Harbour Arch Cape Town
  • 1st place Category H in 2019 for Biomed Research Facility
  • 1st place Category A in 2019 for Plant and Service Yard Phillipi
  • 2nd place Category A in 2019 for 169 on Main
  • 3rd place Category F in 2019 for Steyn City High School Phase 2
  • 2nd place Category G in 2019 for Pretoria Head & Neck Hospital
  • 3rd place Category H in 2019 for Trilogy Centre
  • 1st place Category I in 2019 for River Creek Deloitte
  • 2nd place Category G in 2018 for Rosebank Link
  • 2nd place Category H in 2018 for Trilogy Centre


  • Outstanding Contribution to Industry by a Member Company in 2019
  • Outstanding Contribution to Industry Transformation by a Member Company in 2017


  • TOP 100 Most Empowered Company in the Construction Sector in 2019


  • Winner in 2022 for Buildings for Jewel City – The Onyx
  • Innovation in Concrete for the Norval Foundation Gallery in 2019
  • Commendation in 2019 for Infrastructure up to R100 Million for the M25-C9 Underpass
  • Commendation in 2017 for Buildings Greater than 3-Storey for the Zeitz Museum
  • Commendation in 2017 for Buildings Greater than 3-Storey for PWC Tower incl. Slide
  • Winner in 2017 for Architecture for the Zeitz Museum
  • Joint winner in 2017 for Innovation for the Zeitz Museum


  • Green Star SA Certification for SANRAL Building Baywest Offices in 2017


  • Winner in 2022 for Pick n Pay Inland 2 Distribution Centre
  • Winner in 2021 for Jewel City: A Mixed-Use Urban Renewal Project
  • Winner for Building Contractors Category in 2021 for Hensoldt Optronics
  • Highly Commended award in 2021 for Castle Gate Lifestyle Centre
  • Afrisam Innovation Award for Sustainable Construction and Special Mention Award in 2021 for Project Mariachi
  • Podium finish and highly recommended in 2020 for DSV Park Gauteng
  • Podium finish and highly recommended in 2020 for Engineering 4.0 at Up
  • Podium finish and special mention in 2019 for Rosebank Link
  • Podium finish, winner and highly recommended in the AFRISAM Innovation Award for Sustainable Construction in 2018 for Discovery Headquarters
  • Podium finish and highly recommended in 2018 for Time Square Casino


  • African Property Awards 2021-2022 for Jewel City



Our reputation is one of our greatest assets. We actively work to build a reputation of excellence in our people, systems and products. If our actions in any way contravene our shared values of teamwork, communication, integrity and excellence, it can adversely impact on our positive reputation.


We are a team. We succeed together. When we can help our colleagues, we do. When we need help, we ask. We do not ignore a colleague who needs our assistance, even if they have not asked for our help. We are also willing to participate in activities and projects that promote WBHO.


At WBHO, it is imperative that all the people on our sites and at our offices return home safely each and every day. We understand that severe injuries and fatalities have a profound impact on affected staff, their families and their colleagues. As such, in addition to developing thorough safety policies and procedures we have also worked hard to instil a culture of safety awareness and care for others. At WBHO, safety is a daily conversation and is intertwined into every element of the “WBHO Way” insofar as it affects our reputation, quality, cost awareness, teamwork and culture. A safe site is a productive site and thus safety forms an integral part of our way of doing business. Managed at the most senior level within the business, we have specific initiatives to ensure our people’s safety is always kept top of mind.


Quality is of utmost importance to the group and both management and employees must pursue this at all times. Performance of duties should be at the expected level of skill, knowledge, experience and judgement.


We have a positive, “can do” attitude and always “go the extra mile” for our clients. We are flexible, dependable, hardworking and a “pleasure to do business with”.


Management and employees have a responsibility to consider efficiencies where possible, such as cost cutting, value engineering and any other methods that provide our stakeholders with quality structures within set budgets. This responsibility includes taking due care, avoiding waste, and minimising the misuse or abuse of company assets, while limiting the risks to suppliers and subcontractors who engage in projects for the group.