Golden Ridge – Akyem (Ghana)

The successful completion of the 157Ha Tailing Storage Facility, including the bulk and detailed earthworks, was achieved at the end of May 2013, after 25 months of construction in the warm African sun.

The completed scope of work included 1,511,000m² of HDPE liner, 1,531,000m² of soil liner, over 1,000,000m³ of topsoil stripped and a design cut and fill volume of over 6,000,000m³. We also constructed an 8km access road and HDPE pipeline. All of these activities were successfully achieved with more than 2.5 million LTIF hours.

We are currently busy with the construction of the Pit diversion channel which involves 450,000m³ of excavation mainly in hard rock, over a length of 780 lineal meters. At it's deepest, the channel invert level is deeper than 33 meters below natural ground level.

Contract duration:
25 Months

Contract value:
US$ 31 Million

Lycopodium Ghana Ltd

Newmont Golden Ridge Ltd

Akyem, Ghana

Bhp Pipelines Project

The Middelburg Water Reclamation project is a multi-billion rand BECSA (BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa) initiative. The aim of this project is to implement a number of water management actions ranging from pollution control at source, waste minimization, recycling and reuse on site as well as controlled release under favourable hydrological conditions.

The project is situated in the Middelburg area of Mpumalanga and it services three different BECSA mines. Due to the nature of the contract there are two EPCM contractors, each with various works package under their control.

Our portion of this project was awarded to WBHO Pipelines in March 2013. It is a R147 million project which spans over 15 months. It involves the construction of 6 HDPE pipelines with a combined length of 26.6 km with pipes ranging from 315mm to 600mm in diameter and a 1.6km steel pipeline. It also includes 3 multi-level pump stations, one at each of the dams where the water will be reclaimed, a reservoir, scour chambers and air valve chambers.

Contract duration:
March 2013 - June 2014

Contract value:
R147 Million



North South Carrier

The North-South Carrier, an EPC contract which was awarded to CCC/WBHO Joint Venture is situated near Palapye in Botswana. The 24 month project for the Government of Botswana commenced on 20 November 2012 at a value of P1,4 billion.

The contract to construct a 1200mm diameter lined and coated steel pipe, 86km long is part of a national project that will finally take water from Lestibogo Dam near Selebi Pikwe in the north to Gaborone in the south. The construction of the NSC2 pipeline also includes two 30million litre reservoirs, a pump station, associated smaller reservoirs and chambers, a gravel maintenance road with concrete drifts and the construction of a 366km long fibre optic cable (FOC).

Major Quantities Include
  • 86km of welded steel pipeline (approx. 5000 welds)
  • 173 Scour, Air Valve and Pigging Chambers
  • 37000mᴲ of concrete
  • 2500 tonnes of reinforcing
  • 66 000m² of welded mesh
  • 366km of FOC cable

  • The construction of the pipeline started on 27 August 2013. The 86km steel pipeline with the associated structures must be constructed in 11 months which is extremely challenging.

    Contract duration:
    24 months

    Contract value:
    P 1.4 Billion

    Government of Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources

    CCC/WBHO Joint Venture


    Alexandra (Phase 3)

    Johannesburg water

    Nylethi Consulting



    South Africa, Gauteng

    WBHO Pipelines

    Upgrading and replacement of 207km 150mm (di) - 450mm (di) Sewer mains