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Metolong Downstream Conveyance System

By 14 March 2014October 18th, 2021No Comments

In acknowledgment of the critical importance of providing potable and adequate water supplies to the domestic and commercial consumers of the lowland areas in Lesotho, the government of Lesotho sought assistance from the European Union to develop the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MWSP). The MWSP consists of the construction of the main dam (Metolong) and the downstream conveyance system and WBHO was awarded contract 2 of the Downstream Conveyance system.

The scope of work includes the construction and initial operation of the following main components;

65km gravity lines and rising mains ranging from 660mm OD to 200mm OD

Two 2.5ML reservoirs, a 0.75ML and a 3ML reservoir with operator, guard houses and chlorination buildings
129l/sec (272kw) Booster Pump Station with 500kL Pressed Steel Tank sump
1.1 km gravel topped mountain access road to the Mantsebo Command Reservoir.

Contract duration:
Jan 2012 – Feb 2014

Contract value:
R 265 Million


Metolong Authority


Ha Majane, Lesotho