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Located at Ressano Garcia, just across the border from South Africa, the construction of the Aggreko power plant’s infrastructure proved to be a challenging project.

Construction started on phase 1 in 2012 and continued onto phase 2 early in 2013. As during phase 1 the biggest challenge was the extremely tight schedule.

The power plant’s infrastructure required :
1) Power station terrace

2) Earth mat – 2500m copper wire and 1100m insulated copper wire.
    – 600m drilling for earth mat spikes.

3) High pressure gas pipe line
4) Construction of structural concrete plinths.
5) Construction of fire walls and transformer bases as well as pantograph bases.
6) Supply and install 400m of box culverts in 2 weeks.

We were able to complete the project to the client’s satisfaction and within the original allocated time frame

Contract value:
US$ 7 Million 2013