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Alice Lane – Phase 1

By 14 March 2014October 18th, 2021No Comments

The Alice Lane development has set a new benchmark for iconic buildings on the Sandton Skyline. Not only does it have a unique design but it is also extremely functional as a multi-tenant and multi-use building.

Green Building:

Alice Lane Phase 1 is a Four Star rated Green Building. To achieve this and to ensure all tenant specifications and requirements were met, strict design and construction guidelines had to be followed. This was done with the assistance of “Solid Green”.

Some “green” features are that grey water is collected in separation tanks and treated for the re-use as irrigation on the piazza area and that waste management has been designed for all tenants in the building.

Design innovation:

Composite Alco-panel and a double glazed unitized system were used to make the air-conditioning more efficient and to maximize the use of natural light which makes the building very energy efficient.

The main building is divided into two distinctly separate buildings linked together on one level by a super slab which was referred to by the Project Team as the “Leaping horse”. The ground floor landscaping completes the “green” look of the building and makes extensive use of indigenous flora, natural floor finishes, timber composite walkways and paths and very detailed water features.

Contract duration:  
Feb 2012-July 2013

Contract value:  
R 284 Million

Paragon Architects

Abland  (Pty) Ltd

Sandton, Jhb