Lafarge: Mapepe Aggregate Plant

WBHO recently secured work with Lafarge Zambia to construct the civil work associated with their new Crusher.

The scope of works consisted of:
  • Terrace (36 000m3) and ramp (19 000m3)
  • Foundations for the Conveyor and secondary crushers
  • Retaining wall of 35m long, 9.2m high and 1.2m thick (320m3 done in three night pours)
  • Cable trench and plinths
  • Water tank base

Contract duration:   July 2013 - January 2014

Contract value: ZAR 15.3 Million 

Client: Lafarge

Contractor: WBHO Construction Zambia Ltd

Location:Chilanga, outside Lusaka, Zambia