Limeco Resources Limited

Limeco Resources Limited is a limestone processing company situated approximately 30km west of Lusaka. Currently the company is in the planning stages to develop a limestone quarry and a processing plant to produce limestone aggregates, cement and quick lime for mainly their own needs at the Glencore mine in Zambia (Mopani) and in the Congo. Once completed and operating the planned output will be in the region of 350,000 tons per annum.WBHO was invited to tender and was awarded all major and critical structures on the project.

The scope of the work to be completed consists of the following areas:
  • Quick lime plant
  • Lime stone crushing and screening plant
  • Raw material storage and raw mill section
  • Blending and storage section
  • Kiln section cement
  • Clinker storage and cement mill section
  • Cement storage and packing section
  • Fuel fepot
  • Workshop building
Total concrete volume will be 4,000m3
Contract Duration: Nov 2013 – Sep 2014
Contract Value: ZAR 30 Million
Engineers: Protechglobal Consulting Services 
Client: Limeco Resources Limited
Location: Lusaka West, Zambia