Massingir Dam

EMPLOYER ARA-SulCONSULTANT Coyne Et Bellier YEAR COMPLETED 2005 VALUE AT COMPLETION US$ 35M LOCATION Mauritius PROJECT TYPE Dams DESCRIPTION Construction involved the following: Stabilising Berm:Excavation of existing material 110,000 m3, Forming Berm with F2 type material 42,000 m3, Forming Berm with D1 type material 21,000 m3, Forming Berm with R2 type material 79,000 m3. Drilling and Grouting Dam Foundations: Exploratory Holes, Setting up 96 no. Drilling holes in earthfill 42,500m, Comprehensive Water Pressure Test 650 no ; Drilling of Grout Curtain - Setting up 1,200 no. - Drilling holes in earthfill 42,500 m - Drilliing holes in dam foundation 50mm less than 50mm dia. 19,000 m - Drilling holes in dam foundation 50mm, 80mm – 50mm to 80mm dia. 9,900 m;Recording drilling parameters 35,000 m; Extra cost for “tube-a-manchettes” 7,000 m; Setting up for foundation grouting 1,300 no; Downstage Grouting 3,150 stage; Upstage Grouting 6,350 stage.Repair of Dam Upstream Slope Rip Rap: Breaking of larger existing blocks 156,000 m3; Re-Use and dress on the spot 38,000 m3; Placing of Transition layer 33,200 m3; Placing of Rip rap layer 135,000 m3. Parapet Wall on Dam Crest: Concrete for Foundation 20/30 mix 1,700 m3; Prefabricated concrete elements 6,150 m3; Supply and placing of reinforcing steel 430,000kg.