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Newtown Junction

By 14 March 2014October 18th, 2021No Comments

The Newtown junction project is situated in the heart of Johannesburg, and can be seen from the M1 South highway. The project consists of a 4 level basement parking structure, two level shopping centre and 3 levels of office space above. Work commenced at the end of October 2012.

The project consists of 165 000m² of slabs and 60 000m³ of concrete and is the largest inner city development since the Carlton centre.

The project is situated adjacent to the Africa Museum and Market theatre where the preservation of the heritage associated with this part of Johannesburg is important. An example of this is the old potatoes sheds that are being refurbished to form part of the finished building and will house the food court and some restaurants.

Contract duration:
Oct 2012 – Oct 2014

Contract value:
R 800 Million

DHK Architects LP Architects   

Atterbury Property Developments


Newtown, Jhb