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North South Carrier

By 14 March 2014October 18th, 2021No Comments

The North-South Carrier, an EPC contract which was awarded to CCC/WBHO Joint Venture is situated near Palapye in Botswana. The 24 month project for the Government of Botswana commenced on 20 November 2012 at a value of P1,4 billion.

The contract to construct a 1200mm diameter lined and coated steel pipe, 86km long is part of a national project that will finally take water from Lestibogo Dam near Selebi Pikwe in the north to Gaborone in the south. The construction of the NSC2 pipeline also includes two 30million litre reservoirs, a pump station, associated smaller reservoirs and chambers, a gravel maintenance road with concrete drifts and the construction of a 366km long fibre optic cable (FOC).

Major Quantities Include

  • 86km of welded steel pipeline (approx. 5000 welds)
  • 173 Scour, Air Valve and Pigging Chambers
  • 37000mᴲ of concrete
  • 2500 tonnes of reinforcing
  • 66 000m² of welded mesh
  • 366km of FOC cable
  • The construction of the pipeline started on 27 August 2013. The 86km steel pipeline with the associated structures must be constructed in 11 months which is extremely challenging.

    Contract duration:
    24 months

    Contract value:
    P 1.4 Billion

    Government of Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources

    CCC/WBHO Joint Venture